Welcome to Read Between The Lines

About Us

We are a training and business consulting company based in Johannesburg.

We draw from a select pool of professional companies and individuals, who have hands-on experience in their fields of expertise. These professionals include top-level business executives, prominent lawyers, production experts, public figures, and academics. To grow your company you need well-trained, efficient employees. RBTL ensures you remain ahead in a competitive and ever-changing environment.

We also provide consulting services including business development, HR, accounting and business management.

The most important thing about Communication is hearing what isn’t being said. The art of “Reading Between The Lines” is a life-long quest of the wise.

It is our vision to share these insights for the collective good and to leave a legacy of knowledge and growth.


The consulting services that we provide are based on many years in the marketing and commercial industry, dealing with the financial and operational areas of business. We have a passion for helping business grow through acquisitions, financial planing as well as talent management, we enjoy being hands on with business leaders. Although we are not a legal firm, we have many years of experience gathered in the field of legal writing and negotiating. We have taken this experience and applied it to our own best practice templates and advice to share with our clients to help your business thrive!

Business Development

We provide business development services via skills transference after years in business management. We with guide professionalism in meetings, email and proposal writing, business and financial planning. Staff structures, costing methodologies, new business acquisitions, contract reviews, negotiation and writing. We at RBTL will help you grow your business at all stages of your business cycle!

Human Resources

Human resources is a critical component of employee well-being in any business, no matter how big or small. We are committed to providing your company with a wide range of specialised HR solutions to fit your needs, such as policy and procedure reviews. We also provide job profile creation, performance review management, employment contracts and ongoing consultation.

Credentials Creation

Credentials are the why, what and who you are as a company. Whether starting a new business, entering a pitch or just letting potential clients know what you have to offer. We at RBTL have a passion for helping businesses grow and enjoy being hands on, creating and writing credentials and profiles together with our clients that look and sound extraordinary. Our goal is to share knowledge and expertise to help businesses thrive.

Pitch Management

The traditional pitch process is often considered a daunting task and the challenge for agencies and clients alike is a well-run process that gives the client the right outcome. We at RBTL have vast pitch management expertise and will streamline the process, from tender to shortlisting and awarding of account, including the negotiation of contract terms and fees.


Read Between The Lines seminars are practical, experienced-based interactive sessions. Once the delegate has completed his or her theory-based learning they require some time in a working environment. We believe that delegates then require time with experienced working professionals who share on-the-job knowledge in a small group learning environment, to solidify the delegates’ knowledge and career growth.

Practical Side of Advertising

So you have the degree or diploma and the job - now learn the how-to and what’s-what to ensure you succeed! How do you write that perfect brief, negotiate with your client, present the work and manage all the important admin? Learn to work with other agency partners and understand how can that benefit the client and the brand? Practical role-play will give you the confidence to express yourself

Social Media - Legal, Social, Sizzle

During this 3 day experience based learning seminar you will learn what can and cannot be said on Social Media Platforms according to the law, how to get the best out of social media for you as a brand. How to professionally represent yourself and your company.

Digital 360

This 2 day course aims to equip the delegate with an understanding of the digital landscape and empower them to understand the digital terminology, ask the right questions when working in a digital environment and be able to brief, manage and measure digital interventions. Learn the lingo and you will be all set to go!

Law for Everyday Business

The law touches every part of your business, pay attention! POPI, CPA, ASA, IP and contracting. During this 2 day experience based learning seminar you will experience the law in an interactive environment and achieve a working knowledge of how to protect your business. The art of negotiation, setting up a contract and understanding important legal processes.

HR Policies & Procedures

During this 1 day, experience based learning seminar you will be exposed to the rights enjoyed by employers and employees alike while working together at a Company. Successful working relationships are based on a robust framework of policies and procedures that ensure quality working relationships with your peers.


The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI),will have far-reaching implications for the digital media, marketing and advertising sector. The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) regulates the marketing of goods and services to consumers, as well as the relationships, transactions and agreements between the consumers and the suppliers of goods and services. Having a working understanding of both of these acts is critical to mitigate risks within your agency and for your clients.